אבימור שדמי עורכי דין
אבימור שדמי עורכי דין
אבימור שדמי עורכי דין
אבימור שדמי עורכי דין
אבימור שדמי עורכי דין
אבימור שדמי עורכי דין
אבימור שדמי עורכי דין

The veteran Jerusalem law firm Boasson-Argov-Avimor and Shadmy (founded in 1962)
is proud to have produced a number of judges who are currently serving in courts of various instances, including the Supreme Court.

The firm has offices in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and is proud of the comprehensive legal services that it provides to its clients.
The firm has 15 lawyers who specialize in a variety of fields of law, such as civil litigation, personal injury torts, labor law, real estate law, contracts, mediation and arbitration, as well as Israeli and international commercial law.

Fields of activity



Our firm specializes in representing clients before all courts and tribunals in Israel, including and in particular before the Supreme Court. The firm is honored to have contributed to important precedent-making decisions by the courts. In addition, our firm benefits outststandig cooperation with law firms outside Israel as well as valuable Corporation with local legal firms enabling our clients to receive optimal legal services, for by Dun & Bradstreet and BDI.

רשלנות רפואית

Medical Malpractice

Our firm has been recognized as a leading firm in the field of medical malpractice for over 30 years. The firm handles complex medical malpractice suits and is also involved in academic research in this field of law. Advocate Avimor has been ranked third by the financial newspaper ‘The Marker’ among the top ten lawyers who appear the most frequently before the Supreme Court.

For several years in a row, our firm has been ranked first among lawyers in the fields of torts and medical malpractice.


 Contracts & Ongoing Legal Advice

Our legal staff possesses expertise and experience in drafting contracts for a variety of fields, including provision of ongoing support and advice on business transactions in Israel and abroad.

Our firm represents variety of customers Israeli and foreign such as commercial corporations and colleges, to which the firm provides ongoing legal advice and support in all fields of the law, while offering its own brand of personal and professional service.

עסקאות בינ"ל

International Transactions

The firm represents Israeli and foreign corporations in international commercial contracting, including in the field of marketing distribution and products quality control.

דיני עבודה

Labor Law

Our firm provides comprehensive legal representation in the field of labor law, with ongoing counseling for our clients, as well as appearing in all the labor court venues.

נזיקין ביטוח

Torts and Insurance

Our firm offers comprehensive legal service and active litigation in the field of torts, including the fields of professional liability, property damage, collateral damage, indebtedness, loss of profits and consequential damages. Our firm is ranked first by Dun & Bradstreet and BDI in the field of torts and insurance.

עסקאות נדל״ן

Real Estate

Another field of expertise of the firm is in real estate, including providing advice and support, and implementing various real estate transactions for individuals and corporations in Israel and abroad.

גישורים ובוררויות

Mediation and Arbitration

Our firm holds arbitration and mediation proceedings for commercial and tort cases. Adv Avimor is an authorized arbitrator by the Israely Bar assotation

ירושות ועזבונות

Inheritance and Estates

Our firm has a long and special expertise in drafting wills and providing advice about inheritance- and estate-related matters, including the management of the proceedings in this field and the appointment of executors as required.


The Jerusalem office was established in 1962.

The office is providing legal services to our clients in Jerusalem.

Our Offices

Our spacious and well-designed Tel Aviv office was relocated to his new Electra City building, near the La Guardia interchange (since 2015).

Tel Aviv



58 Harakevet st., Tel Aviv 6100701

Tel. 972(0)3 5616122


Jerusalem, Israel

Tel. 972(0)2 5322277


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